The next Dragon’s Dogma 2 update will make the draconic plague more bearable, among other changes.


Dragon’s Dogma 2 continues to be a game that many people are enjoying, and they continue to make suggestions to Capcom. As a result, the changes that will arrive in the next update of Dragon’s Dogma 2 have been announced , where we find a fairly important list of adjustments that affect many features of the experience.

The official Dragon’s Dogma account on X wanted to share with the community the changes that will arrive in the next update in all versions. And, far from delving into changes that add optimization to the game, which there will also be, they have focused on game features that have been requiring certain adjustments.

La pr贸xima actualizaci贸n de Dragon's Dogma 2 har谩 m谩s llevadera la plaga drac贸nica, entre otros cambios

The next Dragon’s Dogma 2 update will make relevant changes to the experience.

This image lets us know the list of changes that will be applied with the update, knowing that it will arrive at the end of the current month of April. And the main changes that we can point out, are those that refer to the pawns, as well as that adjustment that will affect the frequency in which the draconid plague is applied. This is the disease contracted by the pawns, it is highly contagious.

And it is one of the issues that, even trying to be careful, can be a very big problem for players. Not only for the players themselves, because the summoning of other players can also lead to an infection that can lead to disaster for your group of pawns. But precisely to prevent this effect from being so important, Capcom wanted to propose a solution in which this propagation, or this effect, is not so pronounced. Another problem that arose was the lack of symptoms that could let us know that a teammate is infected, which will also try to be more visible.

But as far as the pawns are concerned, there are more changes, although they have less impact on the experience. Some changes will be made to the faces of the Arisen and pawns in some circumstances. Some adjustments will also be applied to modify the behavior of the pawns, both in and out of combat. To these features that define the bulk of the next update of Dragon’s Dogma 2 we find other small adjustments that seem to be derived from specific conflicts reported by the community.