The Last of Us Part III: The actor who plays Tommy has given bad news about the game

The Last of Us Part III is again in the focus of controversy, and it is not exactly good news that would be forging in the development of the project. And it seems that it would not be active at this time, as Naughty Dog would be pending other projects before.

At least that is what we have understood thanks to statements by Jeffrey Pierce, actor who plays Tommy, Joel&;s brother in the two previous games. According to him, the script of the new game would not be ready yet, making the third part even more delayed in time. These were his statements:

The Last of Us Parte III: El actor que encarna a Tommy ha dado malas noticias sobre el juego

&;At this point, it&;s not something that has started in any way, at least, not that I know of, and I would hate to build up expectations about what it could be and then find out that it&;s something completely different&;.

A situation that has not caught many by surprise, as Naughty Dog is right now preparing the remastered version of Part II for PS5, as well as the second season of the HBO series. In addition the actor who gives life to Tommy, has added that he is not working on the project.

Which would imply that he is not even invited on it yet, or that at Naughty Dog they are not &;moving things along&; to get the development of The Last of Us Part III underway.

&;I&;m going to trust that when Neil hands me a script it&;s going to be perfect because that&;s the way it&;s been so far. And when that happens and I get asked about Last of Us Part III, I have to say I have no idea what you&;re talking about.&;