The Last of Us Part 2: This phone number hides a mysterious secret discovered by a fan

The Last of Us Part 2 continues to take the gaming world by storm and the community continues to uncover incredible and mysterious secrets that you wouldn&;t normally believe. Well, it seems that we still have many mysteries left to solve in Naughty Dog&;s game.

These impressive details mean that the game continues to be a top trending topic in the world of gaming and current news. And when you take a look at this secret of The Last of Us Part 2 you&;ll prove us right:

Staci&;s number is in fact a number from Washington State
byu/Bi0_B1lly inthelastofus

In one of the acts of the game, playing as Ellie, we can see a phone number painted on the tiled wall of an abandoned bathroom. That refers to the number of a character in a letter that we will find in our game.

Well, many have tried calling this phone number, which begins with the prefix 555. This number is widely used in the entertainment industry when some phone comes up on screen, and is not registered or attached as such to anyone&;s name.

This is basically done to prevent viewers start calling these numbers after seeing them in video games or movies.