The Last of Us Part 2 and the secret of the Seraphites uncovered after almost 4 years

The Last of Us Part 2 and the secret of the seraphites discovered after almost 4 years, has been the focus of attention these days for those die-hard fans of Naughty Dog&;s franchise. And it&;s been almost 4 years since the original release of the title, which now returns to the present after its remastered version.

We know for a fact that the title is a masterpiece in practically every way, one of these being its high level of detail. Within the dark world of the game, the Seraphites are an enemy group of both Ellie and Abby during the course of the story.

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They are a tribal civilization, isolated from electricity and modernity, and returning to the witchcraft roots of primitive society, with marked traditionalist overtones in the familiar. Well, a Reddit user has taken it upon himself to share a secret discovered almost 4 years after the game&;s release.

By far the strangest detail I have ever discovered
byu/Stuff_Nugget inthelastofus

Basically, the secret would be this: In the encounter with the sniper seraphite in Chinatown, we can see that depending on the attempts we make on the area, the NPCs that form the encounter will be random, this means that they can be men or women, and do not come predetermined directly.

So far so good, but the curious thing about all this is that we have recorded LINES OF DIALOGUE for all situations. Which means that, after more than 4 years, the community has discovered that Naughty Dog has thought of everything for the game in this part, giving the world of TLOU a greater narrative and playable diversity.