The Finals has the key to success and its 10 million players deserve it.

The Finals release has achieved a resounding success with ten million players. This is only in the first two weeks since its launch on platforms such as PC, PS5 and Xbox Series. In &;games as a service&; it is often difficult to make a significant impact. The developers, Embark Studios, have confirmed these impressive numbers and expressed their gratitude to the community by gifting cosmetics to players.

The Finals&; consistent position in Steam&;s top 10 since launch not only underscores its initial popularity, but also indicates remarkable user retention. This backdrop supports the game&;s continued growth through updates, such as the recent Christmas patch that includes weapon and device balance adjustments.

The Finals tiene la clave del éxito y sus 10 millones de jugadores lo ameritan

The most recent update to The Finals not only adds a festive touch by decorating the Monaco map for Christmas celebrations, but also offers the opportunity to earn free cosmetics. Players can claim these rewards directly from the in-game store, which include a &;skin&; for the frag grenade, stickers and pendants. The introduction of themed events, such as this one, suggests the possibility of future iterations, thus keeping players&; attention ahead of new developments.

The Finals has stood out in the competitive video game market by identifying an empty niche. Its innovative approach to competitive arcade shooters, combined with elements of &;hero shooter&; and destruction, has distinguished it as a unique proposition. Rather than simply replacing existing games, The Finals has managed to create a new space in the industry. This has historically been a defining characteristic of great titles as a service.

In addition, players of The Finals have the option to earn free rewards by watching streams on Twitch. Those rewards include a Christmas-themed sticker after two hours of viewing, a danger-themed pendant after four hours, and a barricade &;skin&; called &;Gingerguard&; after six hours.

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