The Escape from Tarkov community has done it: the game’s creators backtrack on their controversial decisions


The news about Escape from Tarkov has been really turbulent during the last few days. The developer studio of this popular game announced that, soon, they would release a new edition that broke one of the main promises that Battlestate Games made when they announced the game: to give away all the DLCs that were announced after its release to all those who bought the special edition known as ‘Edge of Darkness’.

The news was not very well received by the Escape from Tarkov community, especially by those who bought this edition. The reason? That Battlestate Games had announced that the new game mode they announced for the title would be exclusive to this new edition, and that all users who already had the game in their possession had to go through the cashier, paying the 12 euros that this mode would cost.

The community of Escape from Tarkov made Battlestate Games go back on its decision.

All this caused the Escape from Tarkov community to flood the social networks with criticism of the studio, calling for their voices to be heard. Due to the pressure, the game’s development team gradually relented, first announcing that they would offer temporary (and free) access to the game mode to purchasers of the ‘Edge of Darkness’ edition, later releasing it for free in its final version.

First of all, I would like to say that I am very sorry that the fans and community of the game have experienced these feelings. Unfortunately, I somehow did not foresee the fact that such a reaction would occur and I have now drawn conclusions for my future decisions.

Given the uproar formed, and with much of the community against the developers, the director of Escape from Tarkov, Nikita Buyanov, confirmed that all buyers of the ‘Edge of Darkness’ edition would have access to the announced PvE mode, without the need to pay more money for it. He also assured that it will be a mistake that will not be repeated, and that buyers of that edition will always have free access to all game modes coming to the title in the future.

So, once again, the community has shown that they can be strong enough to try to change the decision of the companies. It has already happened in the past on multiple occasions, and the case of Escape from Tarkov is just one more example of those that have come and those that are yet to come.