The Elder Scrolls VI will not be exclusive to Xbox, says Tom Warren


The topic of Xbox exclusives has been quite hot in recent weeks. Although Microsoft confirmed during its podcast that the company&;s intention is only to release the four games that have already been confirmed, rumors and speculation from people close to the company continue to indicate that the company&;s future involves bringing several of its games to other platforms, such as The Elder Scrolls VI.

Since Xbox took over Bethesda, the company has been somewhat opaque about the studio&;s game plans, assuring that it would be something that would be analyzed on a &;case by case&; basis. However, the reality, as expected, has been that all of its titles have ended up being Xbox exclusives, at least to date. The same was expected to happen with The Elder Scrolls VI, whose arrival on PlayStation 5 was ruled out months ago. However, it seems that the reality could be different.

The Elder Scrolls Castles: a hint of what&;s to come in The Elder Scrolls VI?


Warren&;s answer left the user with a face of circumstance, as he assured that he did not believe that The Elder Scrolls VI would be exclusive to Xbox. &;Idon&;t think (The Elder Scrolls VI) is going to be Xbox exclusive. That&;s probably changed.&; However, the journalist wanted to make it quite clear that that doesn&;t mean that all Xbox games were going to come to competing consoles.

In fact, Warren and the other members of the podcast came to the conclusion that, possibly, what will end up coming to PlayStation 5 or Nintendo Switch will be those titles that could have already been multiplatform before the Bethesda acquisition, such as The Elder Scrolls or Fallout franchises. We will have to wait to find out what finally happens, but the truth is that the trend seems to indicate that this type of franchises could be available globally regardless of the platform we have.