The Day Before is worth more than 300 euros due to speculation

The Day Before is back in the spotlight. The market is an entity that is practically alive in itself. And as it usually happens in important events (regardless of the field to which they are linked), speculators are like birds of prey on the lookout for their new great strategy.

This is what has happened, for example, with The Day Before, which has been one of the biggest failures and darkest stages in the development of video games since they were invented. So much so, that despite the bad reputation of the game created by Fntastic, currently a key of the game is sold for 300 euros in the speculators market.

A huge and incredibly high sum of money that has skyrocketed the value of what is possibly the most talked about video game fiasco of recent times. After the game was blocked on Steam, every user with an unused key to the game, or who has it in their account, has seen its value skyrocket.

This is a direct consequence of speculators and the desire to make money in droves by many. It is not something that has caught by surprise for those who know how the market works in these circumstances, but it is curious to see that there are people willing to pay such an amount of price for a game that has come out in a sorry state.