The Dangers in my Heart: Here you can watch Chapter 9 of Season 2

The Dangers in my Heart is one of the most beautiful and peculiar anime we have been able to see these days. And while it is true that we had barely told you about this production before, it is taking an important notoriety in recent times, and deserves its place in our anime section.

In fact, we will soon be able to enjoy Chapter 9 of the second season of The Dangers in my Heart. And if you are eager to know when is the premiere date and where you can watch it, below we will give you all the details:

Translated in Spanish as &;Los Peligros en mi Corazón&;, this series is managing to captivate an increasing number of viewers. Something that is not surprising, especially if we look at its production, the quality of its animation and the catchiness of the story.

The premiere of the next chapter is scheduled for Saturday, March 2, 2024. And these are the countries in which it will be released (time included):

  • Spain: 18:30h
  • Mexico: 11:30 am
  • Colombia: 12:30h
  • Peru: 12:30h
  • Argentina: 14:30h
  • Chile: 14:30h

In addition, the series can be enjoyed from the Jonu Play platform, which although less known than others such as Crunchyroll or Disney Plus, has a decent catalog for anime fans.