The bug that made Palworld shine: The first Pal shiny was caught!

Lately Palworld surprises us with unexpected moments and novelties. Now it just so happens that one lucky player has stumbled upon a good bug. It turns out that his beloved Pal has transformed into a bright and shiny Pal Shiny. That&;s right, we mean that kind of color change we see in Pokémon that makes creatures even more special.

The funny thing is that Palworld doesn&;t officially have this feature. But who needs rules when magic is in the air? This milestone has left everyone impressed.

First Shiny in Palworld: a coincidence that could show the future of the game.

This is an open secret, because if you didn&;t already know, it happens that when these creatures get wet or a little damp, their color changes. Thus, a curious Palworld player has discovered that his Foxparks became, thanks to a bug, the first Pal Shiny in the game.

User HarukoTheDragon shared his interesting discovery on Palworld. In his Reddit post he commented that he didn&;t know exactly why his Pal changed color and didn&;t return to its normal appearance.

The community replied with different theories, but the safest one is that he captured his Foxparks when it was a bit wet. And, because of the bug it kept this color change. What the followers suggest is that it could be the first Pal Shiny found by chance.

Why is this Foxparks a different color from all the others I&;ve caught?
byu/HarukoTheDragon inPalworld

Is it possible that we will see more Pal Shiny in the future? Let&;s keep hope alive and go to the game to see if we can get a Foxparks Shiny.