The big change that will have the Sims 5 with respect to the fourth installment of the saga

The Sims 5 is perhaps one of the games (if not the most) that every fan of real life simulators has been waiting for years. And even more so when EA announced that it was moving to the free to play format with the title. So the desire to see new content and sketches of what awaits us, are more than obvious.

Through an alleged leak of the title, we may have discovered one of the main features that differentiates it from the fourth installment of the franchise. We are talking about a new graphics engine that would change absolutely everything.

El gran cambio que tendrá los Sims 5 respecto a la cuarta entrega de la saga

In theory, The Sims 5 would have changed the Frosbite graphics engine for the Unreal Engine, which more and more studios and sagas are joining because of its ease of use, and all that it can give us to develop a game in conditions.

Hence the graphic quality of the Sims 5 can become more than evident compared to previous titles in the series.