The author of Chainsaw Man has drawn Goku and Bulma in this great illustration.

Tatsuki Fujimoto, the prominent mangaka known for his work Chainsaw Man, has paid a touching tribute to Dragon Ball through an illustration of Goku and Bulma for its 40th anniversary. In this tribute, Fujimoto opted for his distinctive style in drawing two iconic characters from the saga: Goku and Bulma. The mangaka’s interpretation shows a unique reinterpretation far from the original designs created by Akira Toriyama. Highlighting Fujimoto’s ability to imprint his characteristic stamp on the characters.

The tribute version of Bulma reveals notable differences in proportions. From the shape of the eyes to the color palette compared to Toriyama’ s classic design. In addition, some resemblance can be seen between the depiction of Bulma and Eri. The main character of a highly praised one-shot by Fujimoto called ‘Goodbye Eri’. This connection between works highlights the mangaka’s versatility to explore unique styles and expressions in his characters.

El autor de Chainsaw Man ha dejado esta gran ilustraci├│n de Goku y Bulma por su 40 aniversario

On the other hand, Goku’ s interpretation in the homage shows significant changes in his hairstyle and a distinctive choice of colors. Moving even further away from the original design of Dragon Ball Toriyama’s original Dragon Ball design. The reddish palette in Goku’s hair and adjustments to his appearance underscore Fujimoto’s creativity in putting his own spin on one of the most iconic characters in Japanese pop culture.

This tribute by Tatsuki Fujimoto is atestament to Dragon Ball’s lasting impact on manga culture and the continued inspiration it provides to generations of manga creators. Fujimoto’s ability to reinterpret and personalize characters shows the respect and influence Dragon Ball has on the manga world. As well as the creativity and originality that the mangaka brings to the industry.

In conclusion, Fujimoto’s homage to Dragon Ball is an artistic celebration that highlights the connection between manga masterpieces. As well as how contemporary artists pay homage to each other.