The Amazing Digital Circus confirms date for its next episode

If anything has been sweeping the world of animation and digital content on the internet, it has been The Amazing Digital Circus. One of the most peculiar, bizarre and artistically attractive animated series we have seen in recent months. In fact we did a special article with everything you need to know about the series so far.

Some time ago we were able to see its first episode as a pilot episode to see if the community saw in this series, a jewel in the rough. And indeed the result exceeded all possible expectations. Season 1 of The Amazing Digital Circus will contain a total of 9 officially confirmed episodes.

Here are some confirmed promotional images:

And we can finally give you an answer to when we can expect episode 2 of the series. And we also have an official date for the premiere of episode 2.

Chapter 2 of The Amazing Digital Circus will end up premiering in May, with the day still to be confirmed. So we can look forward to a new episode full of comedy, moments for adult audiences and lots of fun in abundance. Leave us your opinion on what you expect, in comments.

These were CEO Kevin Lerdwichagul &;s words regarding the series:

&;The outcome of this show, both in its quality and overall reception, honestly exceeded my wildest dreams. This has been a great moment not only for Glitch but for the entire independent animation industry. Hopefully the continued success of the program will show the entire entertainment industry what independent creators can achieve and that people will want more original animated stories. This is just the beginning for Glitch. In addition to the full season, we have tons more in store.&;