The ace up Dragon Ball Super’s sleeve that Dragon Ball Super doesn’t reveal about one of its strongest characters

Dragon Ball Super is in full swing. After the intense battle between Goku and Gohan, where fists flew faster than dragon spheres. The franchise of the beloved and legendary Akira Toriyama is gearing up for epic moves.

What’s in store for us? Well, we tell you that in autumn will be the debut of Dragon Ball Daima, bringing with it the child Goku. But what about Gotenks? Although he has all the makings of a comeback, he seems to be in limbo.

In fact, what’s most interesting is that Gohan has changed his appearance, and that opens up a range of possibilities for Gotenks. Imagine a future full of mergers, where Trunks also has his starring moment.

Gotenks, one of the strongest characters, could acquire new abilities and transformations. However, the people in charge seem to be more elusive than before. Will they dare to give Gotenks the chance he deserves? The saga continues to surprise us.

Will Gotenks return? The big question in Dragon Ball Super

Let’s remember what happened in episode 102, the sons of Goku and Vegeta tried again the fusion dance to bring back the legendary Gotenks. The bad thing is that the result was so disastrous that they brought an obese version of Gotenks to the series.

Apparently, the masterminds behind Dragon Ball Super are determined to keep fusion as their secret weapon to make us laugh. Instead of bringing it in as a useful and powerful asset, they’ve decided to keep the ace up their sleeve.

So, while we wait for someone to give them an instruction manual for the fusion dance, we’ll continue to enjoy these comedic moments. Sometimes, even the heroes need a little humor!