Tekken 8 demo now available for Xbox with various modes and content


We had to wait several days, but it seems that the Tekken 8 demo is now available on Xbox Series consoles. The content of this trial version is varied; although its great asset is the first episode of the game’s story. We can also take a look at the Arcade Mission mode, a sort of alternative story mode that will teach us to play Tekken 8 from scratch.

In both the Arcade Mission mode and the classic Versus mode, the fighters that will be included in this playable demo are Jin Kazama, Kazuya Mishima, Paul Phoenix and Nina William. There are different scenarios that we can choose, such as Yakushima, Sanctum and Urban Square. The weight of the demo is notorious, reaching 28 GB approximately.

The Tekken 8 demo features part of the first chapter of the game’s story mode.

The story will be a continuation of the one already seen in the seventh installment, in a world plunged into chaos and war; caused by the endless struggle of Jin Kazama and his father, Kazuya Mishima. The latter will be the main antagonist of Tekken 8 and who will provoke Jin and his companions to face him in the eighth tournament of the iron fist. Both familiar and new faces will have an important and representative role, beyond the main protagonists.

It remains to be seen if the Tekken 8 demo can convince the public ahead of the title’s release, scheduled for January 26 for Xbox Series consoles and which promises to be one of the big games to watch out for in the first half of 2024.

You have several editions available for pre-order of Tekken 8, such as the Deluxe edition which includes the year one playable character pass or the Ultimate edition which includes the character pass and classic costumes of the franchise for the avatar in Mission Arcade mode Will you try the Tekken 8 demo?