Taking advantage of the Formula 1 in Miami, this week in GTA Online it’s time to race single-seaters, although there are many other bonus activities.


As every week, users who visit Los Santos can get significant bonuses in certain activities. And this week in GTA Online we have that taking advantage of the pull of the first Grand Prix in the United States of Formula 1, the star activity is single-seater racing, being remunerated with triple GTA$ and RP. But as usual, there are many things that can be done, and therefore, you have to pay attention to the changes.

Something that can be found in much more detail, if you need it, in the Rockstar Games blog dedicated to GTA Online, where we found this casual circumstance focused on single-seater racing. High-speed racing, among other activities, is the focus of attention, to the point of being able to receive, in addition, a free Rockstar racing overalls and a bonus of 100,000 GTA$.

Aprovechando el tir贸n de la Formula 1 en Miami, esta semana en GTA Online toca correr con monoplazas, aunque hay otras muchas actividades bonificadas

This week in GTA Online is all about racing single-seaters, but also more relaxed activities such as cab driving.

But if your thing is not extreme speed, there are other central activities this week in GTA Online. For another type of racing, such as RC Bandito Mono, alsohave a greater reward this week. And it is that triple GTA$ and RP is offered in this type of races. Outside of them, if you like more to walk the streets of Los Santos, you may be interested to know that the activities of cab driver also offers quadruple GTA$ and RP. You have until May 8 to get these bonus rewards, so don’t let the opportunity pass you by.

On the other hand, we attend to those changes that occur every week in the product offerings. Among the vehicles, we find that the Premium Luxury Car dealership presents three discounted sports cars, such as the 脺bermacht SC1, the Schyster Deviant or the 脺bermacht Zion Classic. In addition, there are others such as the Dundreary Landstalker XL SUV or the Western Wolfsbane motorcycle. If we go to the Luxury Autos dealership, we can find the Gallivanter Baller ST-D and the Declasse Vigero ZX as outstanding cars. At this dealership, you also have the Karin Vivanite SUV as a test vehicle. The scrapyard is looking for the Grotti Itali GTO Stinger TT, the Vapid Dominator GTT and the Dinka Blista Kanjo as vehicles to bring to them.

You may be able to use these vehicles to go to the LS Car Meet, where you will find Hao’s Special Works. If you finish this week’s series and finish on the podium three days in a row, you can get the Willard Eudora. For this, three test vehicles are also offered for you to test their performance, choosing between the Grotti Stinger, the Pegassi Infernus or the Albany Alpha. Speaking of tests and rewards, you can win the BR8 Benefactor at The Diamond Casino & Resort through Fortune Roulette.

To wrap things up, we turn our attention to the GTA+ subscription bonuses , which this week includes some cool stuff. GTA+ games include a classic like L.A. Noire, but within the GTA Online activity, they will get the monthly bonus of 1,000,000GTA$, to the week’s 500,000GTA$. To this, the free rewards, where we find the free 脰verfl枚d Entity MT supercar, the Cinco de mayo T-shirt and mask, and black LS Customs T-shirt, scarf and cap, new chameleon paints and other paid activities. They will get double GTA$ and RP in Superyacht contact missions, Junk Energy parachute jumps and air races.

Aprovechando el tir贸n de la Formula 1 en Miami, esta semana en GTA Online toca correr con monoplazas, aunque hay otras muchas actividades bonificadas 36

The activity does not stop in Los Santos and this week in GTA Online there are endless opportunities to continue to enrich and have fun from this game.