Take advantage of this great offer for Kingdom Come Deliverance and make the wait for its sequel a little bit easier


Just a few days ago, Warhorse Studios extensively announced the sequel to its popular role-playing game set in medieval Bohemia, which so many fans of this style have been waiting for years. Kingdom Come Deliverance 2 will continue with the story of the beloved Henrythe protagonist of the first installment, which will now come to nothing with all that the second title has to offer. So to liven up the wait, we bring you an offer of Kingdom Come Deliverance.

And it is that as is happening with Fallout, which is back in fashion his fourth installment and multiplayer thanks to the Prime Video seriesNow something similar has happened with the title of Warhorse Studios, which thanks to the announcement of Kingdom Come Deliverance 2, has caused many people to return to the first installment or buy it.

ofertón de Kingdom Come Deliverance

Take advantage of this great offer of Kingdom Come Deliverance and make the wait for its sequel more enjoyable.

Thanks to our colleagues at Instant Gamingcurrently Xbox gamers can take advantage of the offer of Kingdom Come Deliverance, which enjoys an 87% discount, causing that we can acquire it for only 5.17€, a ridiculous price.

So we invite you to hurry, because in less than a crow the store could run out of stock, something that happens very often when offers as succulent as this one for Kingdom Come Deliverance appear.