SunnySide coming soon to Xbox, discover the modern and “chill” Japanese farm simulator


For some years now, farm and farming simulator video games have been all the rage. All of them, called farm-simulator, achieve a mixture of relaxation and occupation at the same time, similar to some jobs in real life, or similar to that feeling that some of us have been lucky enough to have a job in which we have a good time and are practically happy all the time. Merge Games with its varied catalog of video games, has managed to make this time SunnySide which is a farm-simulator set in modern Japan, where in addition to our commune on the outskirts of the big cities, we can visit the cities to resupply when we deem necessary.

In SunnySide they intend to make a kind of Stardew Valley or Animal Crossing but with a more relaxing and chill style, as well as modern, where we can also establish relationships with other characters and the options for decorating our farm, our home or our plot will be huge. In its Kickstarter campaign, SunnySide planned to be multiplayer, and it is an option that is on the table, but for now the game will not have this feature for its launch and we will have to wait throughout this year or next year for online multiplayer to be enabled.

SunnySide is a modern and relaxing farm simulator

Create your character with modern standards of beauty and fashion of a modern Japan and perhaps “somewhat futuristic” for some people in the rest of the world. We will be able to visit the city, enter all possible stores, buy first hand items, outlet items or even second hand items, broken and in need of repair, similar to what we would find in real life. All this with a relaxing and “chill” soundtrack so that SunnySide is considered a “cozy simulator” like Garden Life and other titles already mentioned above.

Tales of the Shire: A Lord of the Rings Game will be another video game of this genre of which we know very little but we have already been able to see several details such as its soundtrack, its art style and that it will indeed be a farm-simulator set in the Hobbit Shire of Tolkien’s universe. Although for Tales of the Shire we will have to wait a little longer because the information we have is very little.

SunnySide will be available for Steam on May 24, but for Xbox it will arrive a little later, specifically on July 10 to be adapted to the Xbox controller. You can download its demo for Steam right here and check first hand how SunnySide is. As for Xbox, we still don’t have a game sheet so we’ll have to wait a little longer.