Stellar Blade demo leaked by mistake on PS Store

The demo of Stellar Blade, one of the most interesting titles coming soon to the PS Store, has been leaked by mistake on the Sony store, and some players have been able to download it. Although at this moment, Sony has already withdrawn the product from the stores.

Sony caught the error right away and has been quick to remove the free trial content from the store. PlayStation Store does not currently have the Stellar Blade demo, but we do have videos uploaded on networks, of what the title looks like.

In fact those who have downloaded it in time, have been able to try it. Although it is not ruled out that in the near future, it will be included free for PS Plus subscribers, or for all players. What is clear is that this case has gone around the world of video games in recent hours.

In this post we leave you a video compiling the alleged Stellar Blade demo, so you can make your own opinion about the title that has raised so many expectations and interest throughout these months.