Steam and the new free game that we can have forever with these simple steps

Steam and the new free game that you have to take into account if you are looking to keep expanding your personal library. In this post we will tell you what this interesting new free game consists of.

Valve &;s platform has already surprised us with 6 new free to play games, and the inclusion of Ghost of Tsushima for the coming months. And now, it returns to entertain us with this game:

This is the title that we can currently claim on Steam totally free. &;[Link]

If you&;re looking for a unique simulator that allows you to fully immerse yourself in an incredible and unique experience, then this game will serve you for a couple of hours of fun.

Also, being totally free, it won&;t cost you anything to add it to your library forever. Also remember that it is in the free to play format, although it will soon be upgraded to the premium format. Where it will cost about 11€.