Steam and its new free game for a limited time that is sweeping these last hours

Steam is about to return to pay one of the free games for a limited time that is sweeping these last hours and days on Valve’s platform. And when we are talking about a totally free game, it is normal that people “queue” to claim it and keep it forever in your account.

This is what you can do to claim at once this title that is being a trend among users of the platform, since you can get it for free and forever for a limited period of time. Here are the details:

  • LASERS – The Steam game that is killing it and will be on offer until February 29, 2024.

An action title that you can claim right now by accessing its official Steam page. Do not miss the opportunity. Remember that this offer will not be available forever, so you have to dive right into this adventure with a few simple clicks.

When the offer ends, LASERS will be available in store for 2,99ÔéČ. So even though it’s a very modest price, you’d better add it to your library for free and try it first hand.