Stardew Valley update coming next week

The developer of Stardew Valley, known as ConcernedApe, has released an exciting announcement about an update through its official Twitter account. In this message, it reveals that it is working on a new patch for the PC version of the game, which bears the version number 1.6.4 . For its release on Nintendo Switchwill still have to wait. This news has generated great expectation among the game’s fans, who are eager to know more details about the improvements and corrections that this new patch will bring.

This next Stardew Valley update will not be limited only to fixing bugs, but will also include some new features and additional improvements. Although ConcernedApe has not provided specific information about the new features that will be added, the promise of adding “some additional improvements” has generated a lot of excitement among Stardew Valley players.

The gaming community is waiting for more details about what new features this patch will bring, and many are speculating about the possible surprises that could be included in this update.