Star Wars Outlaws will need Internet to install the physical version

Ubisoft has given the green light to pre-orders for Star Wars Outlaws, generating great anticipation with its August 30 release date. While the new trailer has excited fans, a major concern arises: the need for a permanent internet connection to install the physical game.

This news has sparked debates online, especially due to the inconvenience that can come with the reliance on constant connectivity. The revelation that Star Wars Outlaws will require a permanent internet connection to install has raised concerns among gamers. This requirement, indicated on the game’s cover art at retailers such as GameStop, raises questions about the reasoning behind this decision.

While Ubisoft has not provided an official explanation, the precedent with Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora suggests that it could be a requirement to download a day one patch. However, this need for an internet connection for a physical game poses additional challenges for gamers, especially those with limited internet access.

Despite these concerns with the Internet, the Gold and Ultimate editions of Star Wars Outlaws offer three days of early access for players. early access for gamers. However, this advantage is overshadowed by the need for a constant internet connection to install the game. Ubisoft’s decision raises questions about the future of physical games in an increasingly digitized world.