Star Wars Outlaws surprises everyone by removing this Ubisoft proprietary feature

Fans of Star Wars must be with honey on their lips as they witness how the release of Star Wars Outlaws, a new adventure of the famous saga, this time by Ubisoft, seems to be on the near horizon.

And as soon as the players were aware of this situation, many wanted to anticipate to know what the game could bring us soon. And if we pay attention to the latest information and data about it, it seems that Star Wars Outlaws will lack a feature very typical of Ubisoft’s open world titles.

These are the details that we know about Ubisoft ‘s next game and that has fans so excited:

Something very common in the company’s games was to explore the map through radio or watchtowers(FarCry), which served us to be able to locate locations of interest around our position. In the case of Assassin’s Creed they have always been watchtowers.

Well it seems that this is going to change as reported from GamesRadar. So it seems that either the map will come directly unlocked and available with the locations, or we will have to resort to other types of resources or technologies.

In addition, it seems that the game will focus more on an immersive exploration experience, in which the blocked areas of the map will be investigated as we go through them ourselves on foot or in vehicles. What do you think?