Star Wars Outlaws: More details about the game

Star Wars Outlaws is Ubisoft’ s next new open-world game, which aims to take the Star Wars saga to a totally new and unexplored terrain in the video game industry. And with this third-person, single-player action adventure, Ubisoft is betting big on the saga.

We encourage you to read our article on where to watch Star Wars Online currently. That said, there are some new details of the Star Wars Outlaws game that will surely serve you to bring an extra plus to it, and enjoy a whole new and original story. Never seen before.

These are some of the details of Star Wars Outlaws

  • These are the syndicates that will be present in the game: Zerek Besh, Pyke, Hutt Cartel, Crimson Dawn, Ashiga Clan.
  • We will form various alliances with these syndicates throughout our adventure, and depending on the choices we make, more paths will be unlocked or blocked.
  • We will have the ability to form our team and recruit new partners in it.
  • The reputation achieved as a bounty hunter will affect the main development of the game, the secondary missions and the impact we make on the different planets and zones.

We encourage you to take a look at the game trailer.