Star Wars Outlaws director discusses space exploration features.


Perhaps one of this year’s most anticipated games, Star Wars Outlaws isn ‘t having it all its own way after the latest details released to the community. But in the midst of promoting the game, the director of Star Wars Outlaws talks about the space exploration features, assuring that this will be an “accessible, fun and action-packed” experience. An interesting feature of a game that seems to focus the adventure on many fronts, among which, we find that interplanetary navigation.

In an interview with GameInformer, the director of Star Wars Outlaws has shared his impressions with the media, providing some more information about the game’s features. One of the things that had been left out is related to the Trailblazer, the ship seen in the latest trailer and that will allow space exploration, which will also be the protagonist of the game.

El director de Star Wars Outlaws habla sobre las características de la exploración espacial

Star Wars Outlaws will offer a space exploration with a lot of possibilities.

So far, much of the information has focused on the maps, to step on solid ground and address the bulk of an adventure that will cover a proposal with that usual seal of Ubisoft. But it has been left in the dark that you can go from planet to planet with the Trailblazer, the ship that we saw in the trailers and will also have its point of prominence in the adventure. According to creative director Julian Gerighty, they have embraced this option as another option, and have sought to make the experience fun and attractive for players.

Exploration will not be devoid of action, where players will be able to do many things or find themselves in many situations when piloting the ship. There will be aerial fights, large-scale battles and space stations with their own secondary missions. Going into a bit more detail, Gerighty wanted to point out that in this area they have sought to make the experience broad, knowing that there is a great interest in knowing how these space combats will be. The terms used are good, as they have thought that these should be simple, or accessible, but that meet the objective that the action they develop provide a satisfactory degree of fun.

“We wanted spaceflight to be as accessible, fun and action-packed as possible,” says the director of Star Wars Outlaws, commenting that “it’s extremely easy to access the controls. There’s always something to do. It’s fast to travel; you can hyperdrive at any time and, of course, there’s combat, both on an intimate dogfight scale and on an epic scale.” But this phase is not exclusively focused on this aspect, because they have worked to make it rich in possibilities, ensuring that “there are many things to do in space”.

El director de Star Wars Outlaws habla sobre las características de la exploración espacial 31

It might seem that this feature of Star Wars Outlaws could be an in-game formality to travel from one point to another. However, you can see that they wanted it to be part of the game. A game that is scheduled to arrive on August 30, both Xbox, Playstation and PC consoles.