Star Wars Chronicles of the Empire: Disney Plus Release Date and Details

It seems that this Sunday is being a day of incredible news, and more for Star Wars fans. Because Disney Plus has just surprisingly announced Star Wars Chronicles of the Empire, a new project with an imminent release date that will land on our screens sooner than you might expect.

Star Wars Chronicles of the Empire is the next animated series of the Star Wars universe that will arrive to continue expanding the catalog of Star Wars films and series at Disney. And the premiere date is coming soon.

  • Star Wars Chronicles of the Empire release date – May 4, 2024.

The series will have a total of 6 episodes, at least to make up its first part. So we will be able to immerse ourselves once again in a space epic that will provide us with unique moments. If you like Star Wars animation, this series is perfect for you.

The protagonist of the series will be the young Morgan Elsbeth. While the Empire will be in continuous expansion by the confines of the known universe. A series that will trace the fate of the entire galaxy. We encourage you to also know the Disney Plus premieres of the month of April 2024.