Square Enix Announces New Final Fantasy Tactics: All the Details

Square Enix has surprised everyone with the announcement of a new Final Fantasy Tactics. It seems that one of the best RPG sagas in history plans to continue expanding, although this time in a somewhat different way than the main games.

In fact, the original Final Fantasy Tactics is considered one of the best tactical games in the history of the franchise. This FF sub-series made by Square Enix coincides just with the Nvidia leak we had a few years ago, which revealed the development of this title.

final fantasy

Finally, it has been Naoki Yoshida who has provided the information we need to know about the new Final Fantasy Tactics. In an interview with The Gamer, he talked about this new Tactics being set in the universe of FF XIV, which is the online game of the franchise.

It’s probably about time we made a new Final Fantasy Tactics.

This sentence was the most shattering in Yoshida’s interview, and which has given us the confirmed hint that the project is in the near plans of Final Fantasy Tactics, after several years of the first one. Did you expect such a news? It seems that we still have a lot to discover about the company’s plans for the near future.