Spain’s birth rate at its lowest point in history

The birth rate in Spain has reached its lowest point in history, with figures from the National Institute of Statistics showing that 329,251 children were born in 2022, and the birth rate stands at 6.88%, while the fertility rate is 1.16 children per woman. This trend of declining birth rate is not exclusive to Spain. Other countries such as the United States, France, Finland and Japan are also experiencing significant declines.

Among millennials, the generation currently in their thirties, several factors explain their decision not to have children or to postpone parenthood. The Harris Poll reveals that about two-thirds of childless adults find happiness in the freedom that comes with not having offspring. However, a social stigma persists around this choice, with 65% of respondents feeling social pressure to marry and have children.

La natalidad en Espa帽a en su punto m谩s bajo en la historia

The reasons behind the decision not to have children are diverse. Some experts point out that those who opt for parenthood show a slight increase in satisfaction with their lives. Despite this, 61% of millennials cite the economy as a main reason for not having children. For, raising a child in Spain costs approximately 672 euros per month, which represents a significant financial challenge for many.

In addition to economic reasons, the study highlights that more than 50% of childless millennials mention that there are many things they want to do in life and are not willing to sacrifice their time to raise their children. Freedom and the ability to prioritize other areas of life are also cited as advantages of not having children.

Additional factors contributing to the declining birth rate includechanges in family dynamics, work pressures, improved access to contraceptives, environmental and social awareness, and prioritization of mental health. Childbearing, especially for women, often involves professional and financial sacrifices, and some people choose not to have children to avoid these challenges.