South Park and its solved mystery from more than 14 years ago

After 14 years, a riddle surrounding the song Cartman performs in the South Park episode &;Whale Whores&; has finally been solved thanks to the dedication of the fan community and their ingenuity.The episode, aired on October 28, 2009, features Cartman covering Lady Gaga&;s &;Poker Face,&; accompanied by Kyle on guitar and Kenny on drums.

However, confusion arose because the Lady Gaga song was not available in the Rock Band game until 2010. Generating questions as to whether it was a remake or a special mix for the episode.

The resolution to the mystery came when Twitter user aWiseMoose asked for help in identifying the song, with JasonParadise being the one who, through a video on TikTok, explained that the guitar solo shown in the episode was key.

Ahelpfulhamster shared a spreadsheet with all the Rock Band songs that contained a guitar solo, and with the help of PuppetMasterIX, they identified the mystery song: &;Street of Dreams&; by Guns N&; Roses, used by the creators of South Park to parody &;Poker Face&;.


this was finally figured out after a decade

♬ Poker Face &; Eric Cartman

The song, part of the album &;Chinese Democracy&; released in 2008, has a guitar solo similar to the one in the episode. Thus matching Kyle and Kenny&;s rhythm. This discovery solves one of South Park&;s oldest mysteries. Granting a new appreciation to the episode &;Whale Whores&;, which is now considered one of the best in the series.

This achievement also highlights the fans&; perseverance and ability to solve puzzles. Thus adding an additional layer of enjoyment to the episode experience. This fact, has renewed interest in revisiting &;Whale Whores&; to appreciate the ingenuity of the creators in incorporating this musical spoof.

South Park remains relevant in the video game world, with the upcoming release of the co-op game South Park: Snow Day . Scheduled for release on March 26, 2024.