Sony’s new console would be portable and look like Nintendo Switch: Is this true?

Sony’s new console could become portable and would be released at the same time as PS6. And best of all, the design of this alleged new portable console would be similar to Nintendo Switch, which has worked so well for Nintendo during the last 7 years.

A new Sony patent would have left this uncovered, although before getting our hopes up and throwing rockets ahead of time, it should be clarified that:

  • Patent registrations are made to register an idea or project.
  • It is possible that the idea may never be developed.
  • It is also possible that the patent will undergo significant changes.

This console would arrive at the same time as PS6 and would be in charge of conquering those gamers who prefer to enjoy the portable aspect of video games. For being more comfortable or a style of their own tastes. In fact, this would be Sony’s return to the handheld market after PS Vita.

For the moment this patent is just that, an idea in process. We do not know if it is in production or if there has been official confirmation of development.

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