SomosXbox editorial staff chooses the GOTY of 2023 on Xbox


2023 has been one of the best years in history in terms of video games. The variety and quality we have seen these 12 months has been unrivaled, with a year that started strong with games like Hi-Fi Rush and Dead Space, followed by Resident Evil 4, Diablo IV and Hogwarts Legacy, closing it in style with Baldur’s Gate 3, Alan Wake 2, Starfield, Cyberpunk 2077 DLC, Lies of P… And that without forgetting more restrained games like Sea of Stars or Jusant, which have been great discoveries by many Xbox Game Pass players.

The thing is that I’m not going to get too long, from SomosXbox we have conducted a vote to choose among all the 3 best games of the year, crowning in style in the GOTY of 2023 on Xbox. What will be the winner? Here are the results.

SomosXbox editorial staff chooses the GOTY of 2023 on Xbox

Third position: Starfield

La redacci贸n de SomosXbox escoge el GOTY de 2023 en Xbox 47

I myself was in charge of reviewing Starfield back in the day. Currently I still sign word for word (and there are a few thousand) everything I wrote in the analysis. The ambition, the approach and what it means for space and exploration geeks is a milestone. Its 2024 also looks promising, with expansions and patches already promised since the beginning of the year, so we’ll have to keep playing to discover everything Bethesda has to offer.

Second position: Alan Wake 2

La redacci贸n de SomosXbox escoge el GOTY de 2023 en Xbox 48

In the editorial staff we’ve had “Herald of Darkness” stuck in our heads since we played this masterpiece by Sam Lake and company. Alan Wake 2 is one of those stories that if they told it to you years ago you wouldn’t believe it. From cancelling its sequel due to low sales to launching it in the face of the thunderous success among press and players. It’s a pity, though, about its decision to go only to the digital market, something that surely has hurt sales and has not allowed it to reach a wider audience. Hopefully in 2024 they will come to their senses. Otherwise, this is a unique game that will surely leave its mark on you.

GOTY of 2023 on Xbox: Baldur’s Gate 3

La redacci贸n de SomosXbox escoge el GOTY de 2023 en Xbox 49

Believe me when I tell you that the voting was very, very fair, so more than ever Baldur’s Gate III deserves the award for GOTY of 2023 on Xbox. It arrived at the last minute to our console, but Larian has managed to bring back a formula that many players of Dragon Age or even The Witcher missed, with a role-playing component even more marked, which accentuates the success achieved. A pure role-playing game, based on the universe of Dungeons and Dragons. A geek game like no other, but with possibilities, decisions and a care that currently has no rival.

From SomosXbox we can only congratulate Larian for their hard work and dedication in a game that will be played for many years to come. Congratulations!

And if it’s you, our readers, who want to make your voice heard and choose your particular GOTY, don’t worry, stay tuned to our Twitter account (or X, if you want to call it that), where we will organize a vote where you will be the ones to award the GOTY of the SomosXbox community. Will the results be different?