Solo Leveling: Official images of the new anime episode leaked

Solo Leveling is one of the most successful productions so far in 2024. And as we announced, it was going to be one of the great successes of the anime world in January 2024. And it has only just begun.

The South Korean manhwa work has finally had its long-awaited adaptation to the anime universe, and Crunchyroll crashed on the day of Solo Leveling&;s premiere. And that we are at the beginning of a path that we predict widely successful. In fact, for the biggest fans, we have already seen new leaked images of Chapter 2 of Solo Leveling.

In fact, it has been the producers of the anime themselves who have leaked/shared with us new images of what awaits us in the next episode:

As we can see in the release itself, it seems that our beloved protagonist will have to face squarely a fateful destiny, full of torture, agony and nightmarish situations that will mark a before and after in his development as a character and in Solo Leveling&;s own story.

The adaptation of A-1 Pictures promises to bring us many surprises, dark situations full of drama and action, and the beginning of the birth of one of the great promises of the anime world for the coming years.