Solo Leveling DVD and Blu-Ray has low sales volume after the end of the first season

It seems that despite the fact that Solo Leveling has taken Crunchyroll by storm, after the end of the first part of the first season, the sales volume of Solo Leveling’s DVD and Blu-Ray is not meeting expectations, surprising both sellers and many fans.

It seems that the anime in Japan is not having a great adaptation among those fans or community who want to get their hands on the first season in physical form. Solo Leveling has probably been the most successful anime in the early stages of this 2024, but that success is not translating into sales in Japan for the Blu-Ray of Solo Leveling.

Based on the manwha of the same name written by Chu-Gong, Sung Jin Woo’ s story is having a really hard time finding a place on Japanese shelves. What’s the explanation for this?

  • Only Leveling has a short run in the anime world.
  • Many fans may be waiting to buy a more extensive physical collection at a later date.
  • It is a possibility that audiences may prefer to watch this series on streaming rather than buying it.

This situation does not imply or overshadow the great success of the series on Crunchyroll these months.

Japanese media outlet Oricon released Blu-Ray and DVD sales data from March 25 to March 31, 2024 – 630 approximate units of Solo Leveling Blu-Ray.