Sins of the Flesh, the free DLC for Cult of the Lamb, arrives on January 16

Cult of the Lamb, developed by Devolver Digital and Massive Monster, announces the arrival of its free expansion, “Sins of the Flesh“, with a release date of January 16 for PlayStation, Xbox, PC and Switch. This update, celebrated after surpassing 3.5 million copies sold, is presented as the biggest to date and has generated great expectation due to its peculiar theme.

The expansion introduces a more complex progression system, including new rituals, buildings and doctrines. It also introduces a Disciple circle to level up follower progression. Among the new features are outfits for the faithful and the possibility for two followers to have offspring, creating an egg that can be raised until it hatches.

An unreleased resource is added to the gameplay experience, along with the addition of a new weapon called a “blunderbuss” . This is versatile for quick attacks in close quarters or charged attacks from a distance. This expansion, available for free to those who own the base game, has been accompanied by a trailer revealing its exciting features.

Cult of the Lamb, present on various platforms such as PS5, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, Xbox One, PC and Nintendo Switch, has garnered remarkable success. And its constant expansion demonstrates the developers’ commitment to continuously improve and update fresh content to the game experience.