Silent Hill 2 Remake release date and platforms to be “announced soon”: will it finally come to Xbox?


The release of Silent Hill 2 Remake is one of the most anticipated of the remainder of 2024, despite the harsh criticism that was poured against the game when they shared their last trailer. About this, the director of Bloober Team already took a position on the matter, assuring that from the studio they were radically against showing a video where the first thing that stood out was the action.

Be that as it may, the director recently announced that the game was in its final stage of development, and in the last few hours we have received some news about the title. Apparently the release date for Silent Hill 2 Remake will be announced soon, as the Polish studio’s CEO, Piotr Babieno, has revealed in the earnings talk he had with his partners regarding the results harvested in 2023.

Silent Hill 2 Remake release date to be announced soon, Bloober Team CEO says

According to the words of the company’s CEO, “we expect the release date and the platforms on which the game will appear to be unveiled soon”. Regarding the latter, Konami already confirmed at the time that Silent Hill 2 Remake would be released for PlayStation 5 and PC. In fact, there was talk of a temporary exclusivity, which would leave Xbox out of the equation. However, this new statement could open the door to the title eventually coming to the Redmond platform.

As for the release date of the title, there have been many rumors that have finally ended up being denied, as some said that the game would hit the market during the month of March. However, it seems that finally both Konami and Bloober Team are ready to confirm the game’s release date. It is most likely that it will end up arriving in the last quarter of the year, although we will keep an eye out in case something different is announced in the coming days.