Sebastian Stan officially left out of Captain America 4


It’s no mystery that the MCU/UCM (Marvel Cinematic Universe/Universo Cinematográfico de Marvel) is at its worst moment. Ever since The Avengers: Endgame was released at the beginning of 2019 and automatically considered one of the best superhero movies in history, and even cinema history because of the tremendous impact it caused on a social and cultural level with over-the-top reactions to what was seen on screen. No wonder.

After the pandemic and this film in particular, virtually all of his films have been close to failures, or have been box office flops, with the exception of Spider-Man: No Way Home y Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madnesswhich did exceed what they were expected to gross. The same was not true of Eternals, Black Widow, The Marvels, Shang-Chi and recently Madame Web . On top of all this, Captain America 4 has been announced for several years as Captain America: New World Order but recently changed its title to Captain America: Brave New World. Featuring Anthonie Mackie as Captain America after the events of his own series.


Anthonie Mackie has a few words on this, but Bucky will be back for Thunderbolts.

Anthonie Mackie has been critical of Hollywood at one time or another from his own point of view. He famously pointed out that back in the day there were movie stars and people went to see movies for the star who played him, not the saga he represents or the title of the movie. Now Anthonie talks about some things that have been going on in the UCM for a while now and, rightly or wrongly, he seems to be feeling a little sad about now.

When they (those at the top) decided to make new movies, it is what it is, but I don’t have my buddies with me anymore and that kind of spoils the whole experience a little bit

Anthonie Mackie is disappointed, but we will see Bucky played by Sebastian Stan again, if all goes well, in Thunderbolts next year 2025. This film will feature David Harbour, Florence Pugh, Geraldine Viswanathan, Olga Kurylenko, Hannah John-Kamen, Wyat Russell, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Lewis Pullman, Rachel Weisz, Christopher Cocke, among others. You can check out his profile right here.

Finally it must also be said that some media rumor with the appearance or the contact of Marvel with former artists to regain the trust of the fans. These rumors are hard to believe but sometimes they come from more or less reliable sources.

The latest rumors were that they have negotiated the return of Robert Downey Jr. as Iron-Man and Chris Evans as Captain America. The same information also talked about Scarlett Johansson playing Black Widow again, the latter is hard to believe given that the actress did not end too well with Marvel and Disney after the double release of her movie on streaming platforms and in the cinema.