Sea of Thieves PS5: all the details

Sony announces the arrival of Sea of Thieves on PS5 on April 30, marking its debut outside of the Xbox platform. Pre-order is now available on the PS Store, revealing pricing and content for all three editions of the game in Spain, along with exclusive incentives for those who pre-order.

The Standard Edition, priced at €39.99, offers a range of extras, including weapons, a parakeet and exclusive outfits, as well as access to the closed beta. The Deluxe Edition, at €49.99, adds cosmetic add-ons for the pirate, gold coins, ship decorations and a special blunderbuss. Finally, the Premium Edition, priced at €59.99, features additional demonic content, such as a devil dog, along with the Season 12 season pass.

Those who pre-orderthe Premium Edition will receive additional benefits, such as early access to the full version of the game on April 25 and 5 days of early access to Season 12. In addition to these incentives, pre-ordering either edition grants access to the closed beta, allowing players to test the game before its official release.

With Sea of Thieves available for pre-order, PS5 players can start planning their pirate adventure and secure their exclusive bonuses before the official launch on April 30.