Screenbound: the first 5D platform game

Screenbound, the first 5D game, combines 2D and 3D simultaneously in a challenging platformer named after its peculiar mechanics. This innovation has generated a lot of buzz on social networks, attracting the attention of gamers for its unique and experimental concept.

The game, created by an independent studio, challenges conventions by presenting simultaneous action in two different dimensions. It is a “5D” gaming experience, adding all the dimensions present in its levels. The premise is simple but challenging: control a character in a three-dimensional environment while simultaneously managing his version in a two-dimensional game. The strategy is to prevent movements in the 2D dimension from causing problems in the 3D world, which requires careful placement of the camera to avoid obstacles.

Although Screenbound is still in development and has no release date, it has generated a lot of buzz in the gaming community. Despite its conceptual state, it promises to immerse players in a unique experience where confusion about what screen and dimension they are playing on is part of the fun. The levels, while not overly complicated, offer an interesting challenge as the two worlds overlap.