SAND LAND: The vehicles that will appear in the videogame

SAND LAND is for many one of the most original projects we have seen in the last year. And that’s not all, as we have learned that the work will have its own adaptation in the world of video games.

This action RPG will bring us many surprises, an incredible story, interesting characters and the ability to offer us several vehicles that we can get on and squeeze their full potential and features in the vast and arid world.

One of the most remarkable premises that SAND LAND seems to offer us is the ability to explore a vast world, with plenty of places to discover and incredible rewards and moments to experience firsthand. The world of SAND LAND is full of sand and unfathomable terrain.

That is why we will be able to use the following vehicles to move more comfortably:

  • Hovercar – Explore open territories quickly and efficiently.
  • Hovertank – Greater resistance and combat capacity to face the dangers of the world.

If you are looking forward to the game, we invite you to follow all the latest news about it through this link.