Rockstar to use AI in GTA VI to moderate players

Rockstar has taken an important step to improve the gaming experience in GTA Online by implementing a new set of community guidelines and officially launching an AI-based voice and text chat moderation system. This moderation system, which was tested from December 2023, aims to reduce spam and abuse in games, creating a safer and more respectful environment for all players.

The new community rules focus on four pillars: fair play, respect, safety and consequences. All of these are accepted by players upon logging into the game. Rockstar and Take-Two have announced that they will take harsher action against any violators, from role suspensions to account bans, and even reporting to authorities in extreme cases.

Despite some concerns expressed by players about privacy due to the use of AI and the “uninterrupted eavesdropping” involved in this procedure, Rockstar assures that it has taken steps to implement it effectively without compromising players’ privacy.

It is important to note that Rockstar has no intention of abandoning GTA Online, even with the upcoming arrival of GTA 6. The company is committed to maintaining and improving the gameplay experience in its online mode, whether for GTA 5 or future installments. In addition, the AI chat moderation system will also be implemented in Red Dead Online and any future multiplayer projects.