Registration now available for the Age of Empires Mobile test, the jump to mobile of the best strategy saga


Age of Empires has gone from being forgotten to being a trend, which reaches cell phones with a proposal that asks for your help to complete the development. And to be able to do so, you have available the registration for the Age of Empires Mobile test. It is a totally free registration for this new strategy proposal that comes to Android and iPhone mobile devices.

This new proposal will bring one of the most important classic licenses, especially in the RTS genre, to devices that can give a lot of play for its features. But in the absence of giving the necessary touches to make a final launch, a small test is needed and different means have been enabled so that you can register, whether you are users of Android devices, such as Apple devices.

These are the rewards of the registration for the Age of Empires Mobile test

As you can see, in the information provided on the official product page, you can benefit from this condition by having access to a series of exclusive rewards for the test period that will be executed in Age of Empires Mobile. But many will be wondering about the features of this game: what will Age of Empires Mobile offer to strategy fans?

Well Age of Empires Mobile does not give up its status as a real-time strategy game, where familiar elements of the classic Age of Empires games are combined with completely new and mobile-specific game mechanics. That is to say, it continues to offer that empire management phase in order to build armies to fight with. And these combats are aimed at being able to execute the conquest of the territory you want. A very large map that offers a very attractive experience of conquest, with very different biomes, and with different resources.

And whether exploring the territory or besieging a large castle, everything can become a battlefield. But most interesting of all, is that in addition to facing this experience alone, players are encouraged to seek allies among the other players in the community. It is stated that alliances can be created with thousands of players in real-time battles in the middle of dynamic and interactive cities to live an authentic medieval battlefield experience on your mobile devices.

And all this comes without giving up the management of troops and combats exercising the strategy in real time, where you can manage all units, of all types, during the battle. Perhaps this aspect is the most demanding for this proposal, and since you have available the registration for the Age of Empires Mobile test, it does not cost much to test how it feels. In this way, in addition, you can find up to 40 epic heroes spanning several civilizations, and possessing unique abilities that are decisive for the battlefield.

In the end, what counts is that there is a new Age of Empires available and it offers a recycled experience to be enjoyed on mobile devices. Age of Empires Mobile looks like a really interesting proposal, considering what they have come up with. Strategy from the hand of Xbox is back, and their licenses seem to have conquered the catalog of games that fans of the genre expect to find.