Redfall will receive its latest update, adding and improving functions and features that were thought to be missing


After calling into question Arkane’s post-launch work with Redfall, its closure seemed to have closed that episode for good. However, it has been confirmed that Redfall will receive its latest update, adding and improving functions and features, such as being able to play offline. Another feature added in this latest contribution, are general improvements to the game, which will make the people of Redfall feel better.

Just as Tango Gameworks did by releasing a final update and thanking the community for their support, Arkane has done the same with Redfall’s latest update. Through a post it addresses all the fans who have been there to give them the support they have been missing these days.

Redfall recibir├í su ├║ltima actualizaci├│n, a├▒adiendo y mejorando funciones y caracter├şsticas que se daban por perdidas

Redfall will receive its latest update to introduce offline mode and improve gameplay in specific aspects.

For now, this is all that can be known about an update that was thought not to arrive. In Arkane’s plans there was a lot of content to make come to this game that was offered as a service. And, just before the studio’s closure was announced, questions began to be raised about what had happened to all the content they had promised to deliver. The anniversary of its launch opened the debate and now, it has been assured that all that has remained a dead letter with the closure.

But that is not the case, at least as they have confirmed. More information will be given later, but what they have anticipated are interesting aspects so that the game can continue to be enjoyed. Improvements will be offered in the districts, even in the vampire nests that function as a dungeon. An offline mode with a pause option will be enabled for those who wish to adventure alone. Being able to pause is a good option, since in the background, many of us have played this game alone without any problem.

But we may have to wait a little longer to know all the details of what they were working on and will be preparing to implement in the game. At least, that all that they were doing can bring something to a game that has not had it easy. We can not get to know if they could have bet on another type of business format for this game given its profile of game as a service. It is too late for Arkane, and also for Redfall, but could they have saved the proposal by proposing it as a free-2-play?