Red Dead Redemption 2 players switch to this option for a new immersive experience

A simple change in the game’s options has led some Red Dead Redemption 2 players to live a completely new and different immersive experience in Rockstar Games’ gem. And the measure they are taking is as simple as accessing the game’s menu and disabling the game’s interface.

While the RDR 2 interface is not intrusive, by deactivating it we can appreciate an incredible change in the game experience, something that will be really ideal for lovers of the difficulty and immersion of the title.

In fact, this change in the game has been very well received by Red Dead Redemption 2 players.

turning off hud was the best thing i ever did in this game
byu/VeganPropaganda_ inreddeadredemption

As we can see for example in this image, the change is incredibly striking, and is just what fans of immersion and hyper-realism would look for in a game. So, with this in mind, do you feel like turning off your interface in Red Dead Redemption 2?

Do not hesitate to leave us in comments what you thought of this great change, did you know about this feature in the menus?