Rairairai the manga recommended by the One Punch Man mangaka

It seems that the world of anime and manga has brought us one more interesting surprise to analyze. Rairairai is the work recommended these days by the author of One Punch Man, one of the most successful manga in the science fiction and martial arts genre in recent years.

Rairairai currently has two volumes in his manga, because it is a somewhat unknown project that is taking its first steps towards international recognition as a work with great potential for the future.

ONE the author of One Punch Man was full of praise recommending this work recently, in fact there have been many anime and manga accounts that are echoing this news. Since everything that involves new works or unknown stories, it always has a great impact on the community of readers.

The manga has been published since August 18, 2023 . So it is in its early stages of life. In an increasingly large and competitive industry, it is sometimes very difficult to stand out.

Rairairai is a project that is still very much “in its infancy” as they say, as it lacks more continuity and more episodes. But for now you can enjoy these two volumes and see if you share your opinion with the One Punch Man mangaka.