Racing performance thanks to DLSS3 confirmed for EA Sports F1 24 by Codemasters


The Formula 1 championship seems to follow the same path as always and many fans of the competition may sense that EA Sports F1 24 may be more of the same. The graphical improvements that have been promised for some time now, without changing the graphics engine, have a new episode when information has been given about the use of DLSS for the new episode of this license .

In a Q&A session with Codemasters it would have been confirmed that they have been working to integrate technologies from different manufacturers into EA Sports F1 24 to include this type of enhancements for the game’s performance. In an interview with wccftech senior creative director Lee Mather and senior producer Simon Lumb discuss several questions about this new title.

EA Sports F1 24 will make use of technologies that will optimize performance with little loss of visual quality.

In this interview, they focused on many aspects, but the media seemed particularly interested in knowing the technical advances of the game. With regard to the PC version, mainly, it can be noted that they have sought to improve the global lighting solution with ray tracing. The use of DDGI is what has allowed a better recreation of the shadows, to avoid moments with excessive and artificial brightness, as happened in Monaco.

Knowing that EA Sports F1 24 is not the game that will implement this jump in the graphics engine and has kept the EGO engine, they assure that they have worked to optimize the engine to the highest level with the use of the Ray Tracing technology of the Nvidia RTX. And with the new RTX40 range, they have also worked to get as much benefit as possible from DLSS3 and Frame Generation technologies. After this, we will have to hope that this application of Nvidia’s technology can be transferred to the rest, where it could be interesting that they can apply it on consoles with AMD’s FSR 3 and also get those advantages to improve overall performance without having to adjust downward the visual quality.

With the last day of this month approaching, many racing fans are eagerly awaiting the arrival of EA Sports F1 24. Recreating one of the most popular competitions these days, with improvements applied to career mode, as well as general improvements to the technical and gameplay, it still looks like there’s a lot of work to be done in the future to get the most out of Codemasters’ long-running EGO engine.