Quadrantids 2024: Where to see the star shower to start 2024 in Spain

You are probably wondering what the 2024 Quadrantids are. Something you may have heard in other years, at another time in your life in the past, or perhaps you have come across this recently and want to know what it refers to. Alright, the Quadrantids 2024 are a shower of stars (meteors) that originates between late December and early January. This is usually repeated every year and many people usually escape at night to see them, because it is when we can better appreciate them.

The pity is that in Spain this year the best time to see them is 13:00h on January 4, 2023, so we will not be able to see them in the midday sky. This is something that will frustrate many, but we do not control nature and even less the designs of outer space. However, you may be able to see them every night until January 12, 2024.

Llegan las cuadrántidas, la primera lluvia de estrellas de 2024 y una de las más activas

You will be able to see the Quadrantids 2024 anywhere in Spain, and in the Canary and Balearic Islands. In fact, the area of the sky where they pass is so wide that they will be visible from many other parts of the world as well, although it is recommended to locate them above the constellation of Bootes in the north near the Big Dipper.

And as always, we recommend you to go up to your terrace or go to an elevated area in nature where we can find a clear sky.