PS5 Pro and hints at a 2025 launch

PS5 Pro is currently one of the most anticipated consoles by thousands of PlayStation fans. Maybe because they are eager to take the next leap in Sony&;s future and be one of the first users to have an upgraded version of PS5, or because they have been waiting for years to go straight for this version.

Whatever it is, it seems that these last few days are leaving more than relevant information about PS5 Pro. So let&;s make a brief summary with the most important information that we have been able to appreciate at the moment about PS5 Pro and Sony in general:

Este juego de acción para PS5 y PS4 está de oferta a un mínimo histórico

While the console is not officially confirmed at the moment, everything suggests that Sony is preparing for a major announcement this 2024, despite the fact that we may not have big games this year exclusive to the platform apart from Final Fantasy VII Rebirth.