PS5 Pro and GTA 6 may be closer than you think: The launch of both products could coincide

PS5 Pro and GTA 6 would be more related to each other than one might imagine at first. And is that the great game that Rockstar Games is about to bring us, it was confirmed that it would arrive in its early stages of life for consoles. As they are PS5 and Xbox Series surely.

Leaving the PC version for later. And if we add to this the latest news that are coming from Sony and PS5, everything makes us think that surely the company of the blue brand of consoles, could prepare a great sales strategy.

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Such as launching PS5 Pro (the upgraded version of the current PS5), along with GTA 6. An idea that does not sound at all out of this world and that could be an incredible marketing move. Considering that GTA 6 is the most anticipated game of the decade.

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Serkan Toto, who is the CEO of the gaming consultancy Kantan Games, assured in a recent interview for CNBC, that Sony&; s intention would be to plan the arrival of PS5 Pro with GTA 6. In this way we will surely see a new revision of the console in the second half of 2024 or early 2025.