PS5 and PS4: Claim this rare content for free for a limited time now

PS5 and PS4 are being two of the most successful consoles in recent years, with a large number of players behind them, and that in many occasions, are waiting to claim certain free content that often is not usually available.

A few days ago, we informed you about the curious Spider-Man collectible that was available for some PS5 players, and it seems that the thing does not stop there. Because if you like PlayStation Stars collectibles , you’d better hurry up.

PS3 collectibles will begin to expire later this year, and those of us who never got them when we should have might never get them
byu/The-Night-King inplaystationstars

As we can see, it looks like the PS3 collectibles that are part of Stars, might expire later this year 2024, and those of us who never unlocked or claimed them before, will never have the chance to add them to our accounts.

So a part of the PS5 and PS4 community, is warning the rest of the players to get to work and claim this collectible. Do you dare to claim this content that could disappear forever at the end of the year?

We read you.